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Never reviewed your super? You could be heading for a major regret.

Which retirement do you want?

Most of us get a super and don’t pay much attention to it. If this is you then you may be disappointed, especially if you’ve never reviewed it before.

Should everyone be treated the same?

We think the best super fund for you is the one that puts you in the best position at retirement and is tailored to your goals and needs. Should a 30 year old be treated the same as a 60 year old?

We don’t think so.

A review gives you the facts and shows you if there are better options.

Dedicated to your future

OUR MISSION IS TO IMPROVE LIVES by finding every way possible to improve your future retirement. Improving your super gives you and your family peace of mind for each and every day until you retire.

Peace of mind will make you happier, which in turn will improve your community, and then the whole of Australia.

Don't take the road to retirement with a bad engine

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Kylie Pollard
Projected $275,232 better off
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The AGAT team first contacted me 12 months ago to review my Superannuation at that time they couldn’t help me further & followed up with me to try again.. Jack & the team are courteous & welcoming being based locally in Nambour. They want the best financial outcome for their clients I have since been transferred to a Financial Advisor & look forward to the future. Thanks AGAT 🙂
Sandy Hunt
Projected $189,568 better off
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I recently had the absolute privilege and pleasure of having Hamish working with me through my file. Hamish has gone above and beyond to ensure I receive the best possible outcome after I retire. I would recommend for anyone that is looking to get the very best results when your time comes to retire. Hamish is not only highly knowledgeable he is also trust worthy and has your very best interests at heart.
Mark Rogers
Projected $365,938 better off
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I was amazed at how easy it was to change my super fund. There is so much that I don't know about it. Danny made it so understandable and explained everything so clearly. I only left my details with them because my previous super fund sent me a letter telling me they under performed, I'm so glad that I did.
Courtney Rowcroft
Projected $1,293,926 better off
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Was hesitant to begin as I have never had a review of my super or taken much notice of it. But I am glad I continued on and now have a plan with a financial adviser to build up my future investments.
Grant Gudmunson
Projected $88,018 better off
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After a couple of conversations and receiving a statement of advice to peruse I became very keen to continue looking into making my super work better for me. Thanks Dan and a bigger thanks for lighting a small fire under me to improve my own knowledge of the financial and investing sector.
Jenny Broomhall
Projected $79,880 better off
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They helped me recover my superannuation and consolidate it so that I can earn more to retire on. The process was so easy compared to if I had done it.
Melanie Gates
Projected $118,920 better off
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I am absolutely stoked with the outcome of my superannuation. Sean Wolfe was an absolute gentleman and very helpful and knowledgeable - thank you so much.
Trent Watts
Projected $1,967,464 better off
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I’m excited to have had the opportunity to review my super and have a bit more knowledge on how I can start shaping my retirement and I would have never even thought about speaking with a company like yourselves without that phone call.
Laura Mundy
Projected $712,020 better off
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My sister put me onto AGAT and I can't thank them enough for all their help with my super. Josiah Garrett is truly amazing and very understanding having to repeat things a couple of times for me to understand everything about my super.
Sarah Pearson
Projected $1,175,102 better off
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I have had a great experience with Brent from AGAT Business today. He did a fantastic job of linking me with the right adviser to help my super achieve maximum growth. Am looking forward to watching it grow. I can’t rate this company enough for their professionalism and service.

"I only wish I'd known about this sooner"

I'd left my Super well enough alone for years...

Knew it was in a well regarded fund and thinking if it ain’t broke don’t fix it… 

Upon review though…

Paul Carroll, Projected $875,422 better off

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Still putting off reviewing your super?

You might need a super health check after you read the Productivity Commission report into superannuation. We recommend sitting down before reading it, though…

Let the numbers do the talking

Your balance at retirement age is a number – we want to help you get set up to make it bigger.